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Track Info

Track Info

General Rules & Regulations

Safety of our guests and staff is our concern

● No alcohol or drugs
● No person who appears to be under the influence will be permitted to race – no refund
● Everyone signs a full release and waiver of liability regarding possible injury
● We want all our customers to enjoy the thrill and excitement of racing at our facility
● We take every step to ensure that all safety measures are taken
● Please remember that indoor Kart racing is real – it is not an amusement ride, accidents can happen
● Heed to our instructions and pay attention to flags and lights
● Do not drive aggressively or beyond the limit of your ability.


Racing Regulations

● Kart racing is a non-contact sport
● No bumping and no blocking
● Being unable to pass a kart is no excuse for contact
● If you spin the Kart and are unable to rejoin the race, wait for the Marshal’s to assist you
● Never get out of the Kart
● Never push yourselves away from barriers with either your hands or feet
● Stay inside the Kart at all times when out on the track
● Anyone driving aggressively, beyond their own ability, without regard for the rules or the safety of all involved, will be warned or penalised
● If a driver/team is removed from an event, under these circumstances, no refund will be given
● Warnings or penalties are given to ensure the safety of all involved
● Please do not respond aggressively or abusively, this will only lead to your exclusion from the event
● Anyone displaying any aggression will be removed from the race immediately and no refund will be given.